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FC Dallas edges Concacaf champs, Austin loses at Q2, Houston drowns in D.C.

May 9, 2022

MLS writers Jon Arnold, Chris Bils and Victor Araiza dig into Texas' latest soccer wins and losses. Tune in today for coverage of Austin FC's tragic at-home loss, FC Dallas' slow-start win and Houston Dynamo's distracted defeat. Also, some updates on the Cecilio Domínguez MLS investigation.

  • 1:20 - Austin falls at home against LA Galaxy in 0-1 loss
  • 3:55 - Why did Austin lose this game and what could they do differently?
  • 7:43 - Cecilio Domínguez is once again eligible to play after MLS investigation, how have fans responded?
  • 17:53 - Dallas wins 2-0 against Seattle Sounders
  • 24:44 - Houston takes a hit in 2-0 defeat against D.C. United
  • 27:17 - How critical could the US Open Cup be for Houston?
  • 29:32 - Best thing the MLS writers ate this week


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