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Signature win’ for Austin FC in DC, Houston and Dallas tie

April 19, 2022

MLS writers Jon Arnold, Chris Bils and Victor Araiza recap the Texas soccer weekend! This week's highlight is a stunning turnaround in Austin FC vs DC United. Austin comes out on top with a 3-2 win while Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas end their respective games 0-0. 

  • 1:01 - Austin FC's "worst performance in Austin history" turns around in an unbelievable comeback
  • 5:05 - Austin's in second place in the West, newcomers are leading the way 
  • 7:36 - Did Austin just get extremely lucky? Why should we believe that they can keep this up?
  • 10:59 - Points are points, Austin should be celebrated for its signature win!
  • 15:00 - Houston's ugly game against Portland Timbers ends in a 0-0 tie
  • 17:24 - Houston had many clear chances to score, what's the bigger issue here?
  • 21:32 - Dallas takes 7 shots on target but ends 0-0 in game against NY Red Bulls
  • 22:35 - Upcoming Open Cup games + looking forward to the weekend
  • 24:14 - Previewing Houston vs Rio Grande Valley Toros
  • 25:32 - Previewing Austin vs San Antonio FC


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