The Striker MLS Podcast

Austin FC and FC Dallas draw in Copa Tejas late show, Houston beat Chicago

June 27, 2022
MLS writers Jon Arnold, Chris Bills and Victor Araiza dig into the latest soccer news, talking everything you need to know about Austin and Dallas FC match.
0:37 - FC Dallas v. Austin, a big rivalry and a great soccer game
5:00 - Austin or FC Dallas: which one ready to be a MLS top contender?
07:05 - Gareth Bale on MLS playing for Los Angeles FC
12:05 - Marketing with young and talented players is a good idea
16:35 - Could Austin FC be a top contender on MLS in a couple of years?
17:20 - Nico Estévez and Josh Wolff: close friends and great coaches
21:35 - Supporters from all teams making their voice be heard about gun violence and paying respect to the victims
22:55 - Houston Dynamo won over Chicago Fire by 2 nil
27:37 - Games coming up this week
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